Katie Micik


Welcome to my portfolio. Here you will find my resume and samples of my writing. I’m currently a general assignment reporter for DTN/The Progressive Farmer, a leading agriculture news and commodity market information source. In the past several years, I’ve moved up from intern to wire editor to reporter at DTN, becoming a better reporter and writer each step of the way. I’ve also taken an extensive number of file photos and hosted several video clips. I’m still working on getting some of those samples posted for you to view.

In the past year, I’ve taken control of the direction of my writing career by proposing my own story ideas and incorporating social media into some of my more routine writing assignments. I’m working on getting my Twitter feed automatically updated on this website, but until then, you can follow my @KatieMDTN on Twitter.

I recently published a three part series on how drug cartels, border security and immigration reform are changing the way ranchers on the southwest border do business and it’s received national attention beyond the intended agriculture audience. I proposed this project and think it’s a shining example of my ability to dissect the layers of politics that influence people’s daily lives. I invite you to read the series – it’s under the reporting tab.

In 2009, I received two honorable mentions from the North American Agricultural Journalists. One was for a five part series I wrote on the National Animal Identification System. The other was for a series I co-wrote with a coworker on climate change legislation.

I graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri School of Journalism in May, 2009, with emphasis in newspaper reporting. I minored in history and sociology and earned a Multicultural Certificate.

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